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   C. W. ; Christophorus Wren / Sir Christopher Wren ;
   Christopher‏ ‎Wren jr. 1675-1747‏
   1632 in East-Knoyle in Wiltshire, UK
   London, UK
   Christopher‏ ‎Wren sen. 1589-1658‏, clergyman of the Church of England
   early education in the classics, astronomy & physiology; Wadham College, Oxford (B.A., 1653 M.A), Fellow of All Souls College at Oxford
   United Kingdom
   plates w. microscopic motifs in ->Robert Hooke (1635-1703): Micrographia (London 1666); anatomical plates for Thomas Willis: Cerebri Anatome (1664 & 1666)
   Royal Society (founding member); City of London (rebuilding London after the great fire of 1666), since 1668 as Royal Architect; King Charles II
   ->Robert Hooke, curator of Royal Society; brain anatomist Thomas Willis (1621-1675)
   drawing, esp. of objects seen through a microscope; anatomical copper engraving ; first 3D lunar model 1661 (not preserved but depicted in a painting) ; ;
   D.Cavalcanti et al: Anatomy, technology, art & culture, Neurosurgical Focus 27,3 (2009), 16f.; Neri 2011: 110-35;
   AKL; Grünthal 1957: 102-5; 122-3; Clarke & Dewhurst 1972: 71-2; Schoonover 2010: 36-7; L. Weaver: C.W.,Scientist,Scholar&Architect,N.Y.1928; Lisa Jardine:On a Grander Scale,London2004;M.Power:Trans.Conn.Acad.Arts1945:37-44;Lapage 1961:23f; Putscher 1972:54f. ; Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 # 1992 ;
   famous as one of Britain's most distinguished mathematicians & architects (design of St. Paul's Cathedral in London), Pro­f. at Gresham College, Lon­don & Oxford 1661-73;

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