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   G. S. ; Sir George Scharf Jr. ;
   1820 in London
   miniature portrait artist, draughtsman & lithographer ->George Johann Scharf
   mother Elizabeth née Hicks; brother illustrator ->Henry Scharf
   father; University College School, Society of Arts, Royal Academy
   England, UK
   Sir Henry Thomas de la Beche (1796-1855); Fellows: Lycia 1847; Richard Owen; Macaulay: Lays of Ancient Rome, 1847; Milman: Horace, 1849; Kugler: Handbook of Italian Painting, 1851; Dr. Smith's classical dictionaries; Thomas Hawkins; William Conybeare
   Geological Society of London, Sir Charles Fellows; G.S.jr. became 1st director of the National Portrait Gallery in London
   ->Mary Anning; ->Robert Hills;
   geological & zoological lithography, drawing, painting, etching
   British Museum
   AKL; ThB29, 1935; DNB; Klingender 1968/74: 251; Chansigaud, Hist ill. nat. 2009: 132; Bryan's dict. V 1905:33; Davidson 2008: 48-51, 55, 95
   1882 Director of the National Portrait Gallery London; accomp. Fellows to Lycia, Asia Minor in1840. draughtsman of Gov exped 1843; archeology

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