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   G. B. ; Sir George Back ; Captain Back
   1796 in Stockport
   United Kingdom
   Royal Navy ; G. Back: Narrative of the Arctic land expedition ; Narrative of an expedition in H. M. S. Terror ;
   member of Royal Society of Painter Etchers and Engravers; Royal Geographical Society
   John Richardson ; Arctic expeditions w. explorers John Franklin & -> Sir John Ross ;
   topographical drawing and painting;
   AKL 6 1992: 165 ; Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 ; Cameron 1981: 18, 25-32, 36-39, 43
   G.B. was a Naval officer, explorer, writer and artist who was commissioned to take part in two artic expeditions by the Royal Geographical Society in 1832, the second one with HMS Terror lasting from 1836 until 1837. He taught himself the Eskimo language "the better to study these most interesting people." Further Place of Activity: United States, Greenland, arctic

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