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   R. P. ;
   Eleanor May Short (1776-1836)
   9: Rosalba, Eleanor, Sarah-Miriam, Michael-Angelo, Emma-Clara ...
   1778 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania
   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
   naturalist Charles Willson Peale (1xxx-1xxx)
   Rachel Brewer (1xxx-1xxx) (mother) ; artistic uncle James Peale, his half-brother: ->Titian Ramsay; brothers Raphaelle and Rubens
   art and natural history from father
   United States of America
   John D. Godman (1794-1830): Anatomical investigations (1824) ;
   ->J. Drayton (1xxx-1xxx) ;->C. A. Lesueur (1xxx-1xxx) ;
   anatomical, mammal, fossil, and paleontological drawing and oil painting ; portraits ;
   Choulant: History Biblio Anatomic Illustration 1962: 404 ;

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