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   Francis Talbot
   F. T. D. ;
   1829 in in Maresfield, Sussex
   Cheltenham, England, at his residence, Kenilworth House
   trained as a medical doctor, in service for the East India Comany in Madras since 1852, Inspector-General of Fisheries in India (c.1871) & Burma
   India, Burma, England
   Fishes of Cochin on the Malabar coast of India, Proc. of the Zoological Society of London, Jan. 18, 1865 & March 14, 1865 & 1871:761-766; sep. publ. as: The Fishes of Malabar, 1865; The fishes of India : being a natural history of the fishes known to inhabit the seas of India, Burma, Ceylon 1878; British and Irish Salmonidae (London & Edinburgh 1887) ; The fishes of Great Britain and Ireland (London & Edinburgh 1880-84) ;
   British East India Company ; Inspector-General of Fisheries in India (from circa 1871) and Burma ;
   zoological & ichthyological pen and ink drawings, watercolours & engraving of fishes from the Malabar coast of India ; ;
   Mildred Archer: Natural History Drawings in the East India Library, London 1962: 46, 53, 77f.; P.J.P.Whitehead & P.K.Talwar: F.D.& his collections of Indian Fishes. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History), Historical Series 5(1) 1976: 1–189+pl.1–4; obituary in London Times, 15 July 1; Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 ## 1052-55 ;
   F.D. was stationed in Cochin around 1863; in 1864/65 F.D. was on leave in England, and later became Inspector-General of Fisheries in India (from circa 1871) & Burma

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