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   J. P. ;
   1800 in Marden in Wiltshire
   officer of excise from old Welsh family in England
   Miss Smith (mother) ; geologist ->William Smith (uncle) ;
   trained in surveying, geology and geological map-making by his uncle ->William Smith; Rev Benjamin Richardson of Farleigh Hungerford
   England, UK
   Museum of the Yorkshire Philosophical Society (since 1826 museum keeper; later also secr.) ; Mars globe 1862/63 ; Figures and descriptions of the paleozoic fossils of Cornwall, Devon and West Somerset (London 1841) ; Illustrations to the geology of Yorkshire (York 1829) ; William Gilbert
(1xxx-1xxx) ;
   William Vernon Harcourt (1789-1871); Brit.Ass.for the Advancement of Science (1st ass.secr.1832-59); King's College London; Geological Survey
   members of the Sowerby family ;
   lithography, geological, fossil, and astronomical cartography and map-making ; 3D turnable Mars model / globe
   AKL ; Martin Rudwick: Great Devonian Controversy 1985: 85ff. & 121ff. ; Jack Morrell: J. P. & Victorian Science 2005 ; Jürgen Blunck: Geschichte der Marsgloben, Der Globusfreund 43/44 (1995/96): 257-8 ; Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 ## 3160f. ;
   1860-74 was first prof. of geology at Oxford University.

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