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   Matthew Fontaine
   M. F. M. ; Maury the Elder / Lieutenant / captain / Kapitana Mori / Moiri ;
   Ann Hull Herndon (1xxx-1xxx) in 1834
   1806 in Spotsylvania, Virginia
   Lexington, Virginia (where since 1868 he was prof. at Virginia Military Institute)
   Sarah Mytton Maury (1803-1849) (mother), born in Liverpool to Bridgit Nelson and William Hughes
   7 brothers & 3 sisters: see ; Huguenot ancestry in 15th c. France
   1837-39 sea officer in US-Marine on board the frigate USS Brandywine. After injury studies of navigation & meteorology
   United States of America
   The physical geography of the sea and its meteorology (London 1860ff.) ;
   superindentent of U.S. Naval Observatory 1842-61, head of the Depot of Charts & Instruments, Hydrographic Office, Bureau of Ordnance and Hydrography;
   maritime and oceanographic map-making, esp. of wind & water-streams ; cf. many links to his works online in
   Obituary in Popular Science Monthly 2. April 1873 ; John Blake: Vermessung der Meere, 2007: 109 ;
   M. F. M. was active in the US, Mexico, England and abord ships of the US marine forces.

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