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   S. B. ;
   in 1867 in England
   1834 in Arbour Farm, Mucklestone, Shropshire
   Nottingham, England
   by clergyman near Fairburn, he secured a job with Moore & Robinson's Bank, Nottingham in 1855. His amateur photographic activities also started then
   William A. Marschall: A Phrenologist among the Todas or the Study of a Primitive Tribe in South India (London 1873) ;
   Nottingham Photographic Society Exhibition
   photographer -> Charles Shepherd, cf. on their joint photostudio in Simla 1864- & also in Calcutta 1868- ;
   anthropological & ethnographic photography, also portrait, landscape & genre photography, esp. collotype ;
   Cambridge University Library,[2] the National Portrait Gallery, London,[4] the National Geographic Society's Image Collection, Smithsonian Institution
   Ann Thomas: Beauty of Another Order. Photography in Science (Ottawa 1997: 129) ; Arthur Ollman: S. B.-Images of India (Carmel 1983) ; Katharina Weiler: Picturesque Authenticity in Early Archaeol.Photogr. in Brit. India, in: Archaeologizing Heritage 2013: 39-59 ; R. Lenman (ed.): Oxford Companion to Photography (2005) ; Wilder 2009: 89-91; Theye 1989: 27, 65, 273, 294-8, 324;
   S. B. was born at a farm in England, stayed in India 1863-70, upon return settled back in Nottingham, where he founded a cotton-doubling business.

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