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   Harold Eugene
   H. E. E. ;
   Esther May Garrett in 1928
   Mary Louise (1931-xxxx), William Eugene (1933-xxxx), Robert Frank (1935-xxxx)
   1903 in Fremont, Nebraska, USA
   Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
   Frank Eugene Edgerton, direct descendant of Richard Edgerton, one of the founders of Norwich, Connecticut
   mother Mary Nettie Coe
   BA in electrical engineering from Univ. Nebraska at Lincoln in 1925; S.M. in electrical engineering from MIT in 1927
   United States of America
   James R. Killian Jr. & H. E.: Flash! Seeing the Unseen by Ultra High-Speed Photography (Boston 1939) ; Moments of Vision (1979) ; Sonar Images (1986) ;
   Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (MIT): prof.electr.eng. 1934; Atomic Energy Commission (photographing & recording nuclear explosions: 1950s & 1960s)
   lifelong association with photographer Gjon Mili, who used stroboscopic equipment, esp. multiple studio electronic flash units, to produce ultrashort photographs ; with Kenneth J. Germeshausen to do consulting work with different industrial clients ;
   scientifical ultrashort time photographs ; see also for further links & publ.
   Ann Thomas (ed.) :Beauty of another Order (Ottawa 1997: 182ff.) ; Stopping Time, a collection of H. E.'s photographs (New York 1987) ; Bruce, Roger R. (ed.), Douglas Collins, et al.: Seeing the unseen. Dr. H. E. & Wonders of Strobe Alley (Rochester, N.Y. 1994) ;

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