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   John William
   J. W. D. ; -١٨٨٢م ; دراپر، جون وليام ;
   in 1831 w.Antonia Coetana de Paiva Pereira Gardner (c. 1814–1870), the daughter of Daniel Gardner, court physician to John VI of Portugal & Charlott
   astronomer, astrophysicist & astrophotographer ->Henry Draper (1837-1882); chemist John Christopher Draper (1835-1885)
   1811 in St. Helens nearLiverpool;
   Hastings near New York
   John Christopher Draper, a Wesleyan clergyman
   mother Sarah (Ripley) Draper; granddaughter Antonia Maury (1866-1952), astronomer & stellar spectroscopist
   since 1822 at Woodhouse Grove School, since 1829 University College London
   United States of America
   ounder of the New York University School of Medicine; 1st president of the American Chemical Society (1876–77)
   daguerreotype; first clear photograph of a female face (1839–40) and the first detailed photograph of the Moon (1840). spectrum photography ; ;
   DSB; DNB; George Frederick Barker: Memoir of J.W.D., Washington, 1886; K.Hentschel: Why not one more Imponderable? J.W.D.& his 'Tithonic rays', Foundations of Chemistry 4,1 (2002): 5-59. Mapping the Spectrum, 2002; A. Gernsheim 1961: 87
   American (English-born) scientist, philosopher, physician, chemist, historian & photographer, since 1832 in Virginia, USA & since 1837 in New York City

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