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   Henricus / Hendrik II
   H. H. ; Hendrik / Hendrick / Henry Hondius the Younger ;
   1597 in Amsterdam
   famous cartographer & map-maker -> Jodocus Hondius who had started a map-making business in Amsterdam & died in 1612
   !!attention: different family from -> Henrik Hondius I !!
   Atlas Sive Cosmographicae; Ed. Quinta 1623; Atlas ou Representation du Monde Universel I 1633; Atlas ou Representations du Monde Universel II 1633;
   w.cartogr. C.J. Visscher:; -> G.Mercator: Tresor des cartes geographiques des principaux estats de l'univers, Paris1667; ->J. Blaeu
   cartographic, geographic & topographic map-making, hand-colouring;,_Hendrik_Hondius_%283824997-recto%2
   AKL; Nadine Orenstein: H.H. & the Business of Prints in Seventeenth-century Holland, 1996;
   since the death of his father in 1612, H.H. co-ran the business w. his brother-in-law. In 1621, he opened his own company in his hometown

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