The Team

Klaus Hentschel (mainly entries on astronomical, physical, chemical, geological and mineralogical illustrators)

Ann M. Hentschel (Stuttgart, mainly entries on anatomy, anthropology, geography and general science illustrators)

Torsten K. D. Himmel (Stuttgart, mainly entries on botanical and zoological, but also on cartographical illustrators and on globe makers)

Katja Haberl (Stuttgart) (completion of viaf- IDs and AKL-links)

Christian Lehmann (Stuttgart & Berlin): technical conception & IT implementation of the database

Amelie Fritsch and Fabienne Metzger (Stuttgart), temporalized geospatial mapping of DSI in Geo-Dariah maps of places and years of birth, death, and regional activity


External Contributors

Gerhard Wagenitz (†) with some 3 dozens entries on botanical illustrators and naturalists,

Tobias Krüger (Staatsarchiv Solothurn) (6 entries on geological and topographic illustrators),

Birgit Nemec (Vienna & Berlin) with c. 8 entries on anatomical illustrators,

Iriam Gomes Starling (Rio de Janeiro) with the names of c. 10 Brazilian illustrators,

Ana Maria Costa (Lisbon) with hints on a handful of Portugese illustrators and naturalists,

Paul Fuller and Katura Reynolds (Eugene, OR) with one entry each on anatomical resp. paleontological illustrators,

Mike Dickison (Whanganui Regional Museum, New Zealand) with an entry on Olive F. Tassart,

Catherine Levy (Jamaica) with an entry on Dr. Anthony Robins (active in Jamaica in the 18th c.),

Karen Reeds (Princeton, NJ) and Andy Mabbett with comments and additions to two or one existing entries, respectively,

Martin Schneider (Augsburg) with corrections and additions to the entry on Joseph A. Annedouche, a new submission of Christophe Annedouche as well as various other hints and additions in entries on Pierre Lackerbauer, Jacques Christophe Werner and Paul Hycinthe Chrétien R. C. Dumenil

Geoff Thompson (Queensland Museum, South Brisbane, Australia) with an entry on Frank Nanninga,

Tom Quick (Leeds) and the CSlides Project (Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics at the University of Oxford),

Geoffrey Belknap (Leicester) and a myriad of anonymous contributors to the Science Gossip Project,

Michelle Marshall, a Citizen Scientist and Volunteer Researcher for the Biodiversity Heritage Library

Andreas Kleinert (Halle) provided hints to several illustrators.

Norbert Vernier (Paris) provided information about six French mathematical illustrators.

Bettina Maurer (Stuttgart) provided information about various moulageurs in her BA-thesis (2017).

Penny Worley (Baylor Scott & White Archives at the Medical Library, Temple, TX) provided information about 3 medical illustrators.

Siobhan Leachman (Wellington, New Zealand) provided information, corrections and additions to more than a dozen entries.

Andy Mabbett (England) provided information for the entries on Robert F. Sternitzky, Jane Sarah Bell, Adriaan Reland & Camille Gabriel Schlumberger.

Donato Esposito (London, United Kingdom) provided information for the entry on Godefroy Durand.

David Hollombe provided detailed information for the entry on Eulalia Delile.

Lotte Burkhardt provided detailed information for the entries on Mellis/Stace, on Françoise Legendre and on Gertrud Burkhardt



While entering data we carefully check the available sources such as standard dictionaries, monographs, research articles and Internet sites (on the latter cf. here websites). Thousands of primary sources are listed in individual entries of DSI either under "worked for" (primary sources such as books with plates) or under "pub.sources" (for secondary sources on the illustrators). The following published sources have been particularly useful and are often abbreviated in our data base: 

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