Thank you for your interest in making the DSI even more comprehensive. We have set up a form for new data entry at the subpage For entries on scientific illustrators active between 1450 and 1950 but still missing altogether from our database please fill out as many fields as you can, and then copy-paste the whole form with all fields into an email sent to us. The direct "submit" option at the end of the feedback page currently does not work - apologies. For corrections or minor additions to already existing entries please also send an email with whatever you find missing or any suggested correction to hentschel-sekr (at) 

Whatever you will send us will first be carefully verified and standardized (if necessary) before then being released online. Please also tell us whether you want your name to be mentioned as contributor of a new entry.  Initially please only submit one or a few new entries and contact us to get feedback.

Thank you in advance for your interest and support of our interactive project!


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