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   Edward Drinker
   E. D. C. ;
   Alfred Cope
   Hanna Cope (1xxx-1843) mother) ; Rebecca Biddle (stepmother)
   day school in Philadelphia; in 1853 at the age of 12 sent to the Friends' Boarding School at Westtown, near West Chester; Univ. Pennsylvania
   United States of America
   Batrachia of North America ; Crocodilians, lizards & snakes of North America ;
   Philadelphia Academy of Sciences; job recataloging the herpetological collection at Academy of Natural Sciences, later member; Texas Geological Survey
   school superintendent O. W. Lucas in March 1877 from Canon City ; draughtsman ->E. C. Beaux ; lithographer -> Th. Sinclair, Philadelphia ;
   zoological, herpetological, and paleontological drawing and painting & .../File:Joda_canidae_cope1884.jpg
   further links & literature at
   Debus: Paleoimagery, 120-5 ; John Alroy: E. D. C., National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis 1999 ; Davidson 2008: 46-7, 79-83, 101-3, 143, 156-9 & 192 ;
   American paleontologist and comparative anatomist, also a noted herpetologist & ichthyologist.

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