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   Mary °
   M. A.;
   1799 in Lyme Regis
   Lyme Regis
   carpenter and tourist fossil merchant Richard Anning
   mother Mary née Moore; brother Joseph Anning
   England, UK
   brother Joseph Anning ; Henry Thomas de la Beche ;
   geological and paleontological drawing and watercolour ; handcolouring &
   British Museum Natural History London. ;
   Sawyer 1971: 90 ; Chansigaud 2009: 131 ; Hugh Torrens: M. A. of Lyme: 'The Greatest Fossilist the World Ever Knew", British Journal for the History of Science ; Larry E. Davis: M. A. of Lyme Regis: 19th c. Pioneer in British Palaeontology (Headwaters) ;

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