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   Jemima °
   J. B. ; Jemima Wedderburn / Mrs. Hugh Blackburn ;
   mathematician Bailie Hugh Blackburn (1823-1909) in 1849
   1823 Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland, UK
   Roshven, Moidart, Inverness-shire, Scotland, UK
   solicitor general for Scotland James Wedderburn
   cousin James Clerk Maxwell
   self-taught in art, natural history, anatomy; pupil of John Ruskin & Sir Edwin Landseer
   Scotland, UK
   Blackburn: Birds drawn from Nature 1862/68 & Birds from Moidart 1895 & Bible Beasts and Birds 1886. John Gould: Birds of Great Britain
   Zoological Society of London, London Zoo
   watercolor painting, drawing, etching, glass painting
   British Museum, Natural History Museum, London
   AKL11 1995:318; wiki; CE Jackson: Dict. Bird Artists 1999:160-1; Suzanne L Sheffield in Shteir & Liveman 2006:259; Chansigaud Hist ill nat. 2009: 130; R Fairley's biography 1988
   Glasgow; Cambridge England

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