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   Rudolph Franz
   R. F. Z. ; Rudolph F. Zallinger ;
   ->Jean Zallinger née Day in 1941
   1919 in Irkutsk, Siberia
   austrian soldier & artist Franz Zallinger
   mother Maria née Koncheravich
   Yale School of Fine Arts; teachers: Carl O. Dunbar, Richard Swann Lull, G. Edward Lewis, George Wieland.
   United States of America
   Albert E. Parr at Yale; Life Magazine; F. Clark Howell; R. F. Zallinger: murals of museum "The Age of Reptiles" & "The Age of Mammals"
   Yale Peabody Museum
   wife ->Jean Zakllinger; Yale scientists
   dry fresco murals
   Debus: 16-7, 69, 78, 98--9, 108-110, 153, 158, 236; Lee Grimes Interview with Zallinger in Discovery 11, 1975. Yale Peabody Museum publications. "March of Progress" in Howell: Early Man 1965; Davidson 2008: 176-8;

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