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   Levett Landon Boscawen
   I. L. B. I. ; Levett L. Ibbetson ;
   Major Henry Levett Boscawen Ibbetson of the 77th (East Middlesex) Regiment of Foot of the British Army
   1799 in London
    Biebrich in Prussia, where he had lived for several years
   Major Levett Ibbetson, a native of Bushey, Hertfordshire; mother Sophy
   grandfather: the Right Rev. Dr. James Ibbetson, D.D.[14] (1717–1781), Bushey, the Archdeacon of St Albans and Prebend of Lincoln as well as rector o
   England, UK
   Fellow of the Royal Society (elected 6 June 1850); I. presented a valuable collection of fossils to the Museum of Practical Geology in London.
   corresponded with William Henry Fox Talbot in 1842 ; lithographer ->A. Friedel at Royal Polytechnic Institution, 1840 ;
   I. spent some years trying to produce lithographs & etchings from an original daguerrotype of fossils from the Isle of Wright
   Davidson 2008: 100 ;
   English 19th c. geologist, inventor, pioneer photographer, organiser & soldier, who lived in London at 46 Margaret Street, near Cavendish Square. Further Place of Activity: Germany.

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