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   John Collins
   J. C. W. ;
   2 sons: Jonathan Mason Warren (1811-1867) and Edward Warren (1828-1893)
   1778 in Boston, Massachussetts, USA
   surgeon John Warren (1753-1815)
   Edward Warren (1828-1893), who wrote J.C.W.'s first biography, publ. in Boston 1860; grandson John Collins Warren (1842-1927), also surgeon
   studies medicine at Harvard College, continued his medical studies in London and Paris & Edinburgh, and becomes M.D. in Edinburgh in 1801
   United States of America
   J. C. W.: Remarks on some Fossil Impressions in the Sandstone Rocks of Connecticut River (1854) ;
   one of the founders of the Harvard Medical School; 1821 founder of Mass. General Hospital; main donator of the Warren Anatomical Museum;
   archaeological, medical, geological, fossil, and paleontological photography ; ambrotype offprint glued into his book of 1854 & further links provided there
   Davidson 2008: 111-2 ; E. Warren: The Life of J.C.W. (Boston 1860) ; J. C. Warren: Reminiscences (1958) ; A. H. Toledo: J. C. W.: Master educator & pioneer surgeon, in: J. Invest Surg. 19,6 (2006):341-4 ; S. C. Schatzki: Am J Roentgenol. 188(2006): 1153 ; W. Brucefye: Clin Cardiol. 24 (2001): 93-4 ;
   American surgeon, magazine founder & geologist who used photography as a scientific tool in medicine, archaeology, geology & paleontology.

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