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   Pietro Berrettini da
   P. B. d. C. ; Pietro da Cortona / Pierre de Cortone ;
   1596 (1597 baptised) in Cortona, Italy
   Rome, Italy
   stonemason Giovanni Berrettini
   mother Francesca née Balestrari; uncle Francesco; cousin Filippo
   by familiy; taughty by Baccio Bonetti; trained in painting in Florence under Andrea Commodi & in Rome in studio of Baccio Ciarpi
   Giovanni Maria Castellani: plates in Tabulae anatomicae, now thought to have been begun ca. 1618, publ. 1741; Giovanni Battista Ferrari (1584-1655);
   papal state
   The drawings were used as the basis of engravings by Luca Ciamberlano, but these were not published until 1741 ; Giovanni Francesco Romanelli (1610-1662)
   architectural, anatomical, and botanical drawing, copper engraving, and painting .... 3-16... ;
   AKL X, 1995, 1; Choulant 1920: 227, 419; ; Nissen: Botan. Buchillustration 1966 ;
   P.B.C. is mostly known as leading Italian Baroque painter & architect; Prior to becoming famous as an architect, Pietro drew anatomical plates

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