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   W. J. ;
   1745 in Devonport, Devon, England
   at his home, Butterley Hall, Newark in Nottinghamshire
   foreman shipwright in the Naval Dockyard, Josias Jessop (17xx-1xxx)
   United Kingdom
   John Smeaton: Design of the late John Smeaton, F.R.S., made on Various Occasions in the Course of his Employment as a Civil Engineer 1754-1790 (6 vols.) ; Inland navigation in Ireland ; Report of Messrs. Jessop, Rennie, Maxwell, and Hare, on the drainage of deeping inclosed fens, & commons adjoints ;
   engineer and technical draughtsman ->John Smeaton ; Smeaton's daughter & Henry Eastham for Smeaton's plates ;
   technical drawing
   Klingender 1968/74: 68 ; William Jessop, Engineer (c. 1979) ;
   British canal engineer and technical draughtsman, best known for his work on canals, harbours and early railways.

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