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   R. S. ;
   his cousine Jane Holmes
   2: Robert and Jane
   1798 in Somerset, England
   Islington, England
   Henry Seymour und
   mother Elizabeth Bishop
   apprenticed as draughtsman with Mr. Vaughan in Duke Street, Smithfield, London ; influenced by the painter Joseph Severn
   England, UK
   Robert Stewart: Anecdotes of the Steam Engine (1829) ;
   initially only technical drawings; later also caricatures & other non-scientific motifs, for which he became better known,+robert+1798&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X
   see ; for a linked listings of works illustr. by him
   Klingender 1968/74: 127 ;
   Best known as illustrator of the writer Charles Dickens.

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