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   Ernest Evan Thompson
   E. E. T S. ; née Ernest Evan Thompson / Ernest Seton Thompson ;
   1. Grace Gallatin; 2. Julia M. Buttree
   writer Ann (preudonym Anya) Seton (1904-1990); Beulah (Dee) Seton Barber, adopted, died 2006
   1860 in South Shields, County Durham, England
   Seton Village, New Mexico
   scholarship in art to the Royal Academy in London, England; studied in Paris; taught by Gérôme, Bouguereau, Ferrier, Mosler
   United States of America
   Thomas McIllwraith: Birds of Ontario, 1894; Seton: Lives of Game Animals, vol. 4. Seton: Wild Animals I have Known; Studies in the Art Anatomy of Animals being a brief Analysis of the Visible Forms of familiar Mammals & Birds; designed for Sculptors, Painters, Illustrators, Naturalists, London 1896 ; Animal heroes (New York 1905) ; Bannertail (New York 1922) ; The biography of a grizzly (New York 1900) ; Life-stories of northern animals (New York 1909) ; Trail of the sandhill stag (New York 1899) ; Wild animals at home (Garden City 1913) ; Pictures of wild animals (London & New York 1896) ; Mabel Wright (1859-1934), née Osgood
   Edward Alexander Preble
   natural, zoological, and ornithological drawing with highlighting; also technical & genre motifs ;
   Seton Memorial Library & Museum; ;
   AKL; ThB 30 1936, 536; Chansigaud 2009: 186; Joan Winearly: Art on the Wing: British, American & Canadian Illustr. Bird Books from the 18th to the 20th c, Toronto, 1999; Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 ## 3815-25 & 4477 ;

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