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   Vincenzo Maria
   V. C. ; Marco Vincenzio‏ / Marc Vicent / Marcus Vincentius‏ / Винченцо Мария Коронелли ;
   1650 in Venice, now Italy
   Venice, now Italy
   Venetian tailor Maffio Coronelli
   apprentice to a xylographer in Ravenna; since 1663 novice in Conventual Franciscans; studied theology at the College of St.Bonaventura, Rome
   Coronelli: Epirome cosmografica, 1693; terrestrial & celestial globes for Ranuccio II Farnese, Duke of Parma, for Louis XIV, etc. ; Corso geografico universale ; Memorie istoriografiche del regno di Morea e Negroponte ; Atlante Veneto ; maps for globes "Three Globes gores Showing Southeast Asia, Korea, and Japan" (Venice c. 1695) ;
   Ranuccio II Farnese, Duke of Parma ; Cardinal César d'Estrées & Louis XIV ; Father General of the Franciscan order since 1699;
   V. C.'s globes depicted the latest information of French explorations in North America, particularly the expeditions of René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle ;
   3D geographical, topographical, terrestrial, and stellar globes (based on Hevelius' star catalogue); astronomic & cartographic map-making ;
   Bibliothèque nationale François Mitterrand in Paris ; further links in
   Monique Pelletier: Les Globes de Louis XIV. Sources françaises de l’oeuvre de Coronelli, in: Imago Mundi 34 (1982): 78 ; James Lawrence Fuchs: V. C. & Organization of Knowledge: The Twilight of Seventeenth-Century Encyclopedism, Ph.D. diss., Univ.Chicago, 1983 ; Gene Rhea Tucker, Terrae Incognitae 40 (20) ; Warner 1979 ; Whitfield 1995 & 1997: 22-4 ; Libro dei globi; Franciscan friar, cosmographer, cartographer, publ. & encyclopedist, known esp. for atlases & globes, who spent most of his life in Venice, and in France (1681-1704) ; Mokre 2005: 18f., 26, 39f., 57 & 62f. ; Walter 1994: plates 43f. ;

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