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   J. B. ;
   1572 in Rain, Donau-Ries, Germany
   Augsburg, Germany
   Latin school in Rain; Gymnasium in Augsburg; since 1592, he studies philosophy & law at Univ. Ingolstadt;
   J. B.: Uranometria (Augsburg 1603, 51 stellar maps drawn by J. B. & copper-engravings by ->Alexander Mair, see ;
   copper engraver -> Alexander Mair for Uranometria (1603), based on data by astronomer Tycho Brahe ;
   astronomical & topographic drawing; during a time in Rome, Italy, also archaeological drawings for an excavation at Via Nomentana &
   Warner 1979; Whitfield 1995 & 1997: 24; Jürgen Hamel: Die Himmelsvermessung des J.B., Begleitbuch zur Uranometria, Gerchsheim 2010;Picturing the Scientific Revolution. Title Engravings in Early Modern Scientific Publications, Philadelphia 2011: 127–130

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