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   J. S. ; Jos. Swain ;
   Martha Cooper in 1843
    three daughters and a son, among them Joseph Blomeley Swain
   1820 in Oxford
   Ealing, London
   printer with the firm of Wertheimer & Co, Ebenezer Swain
    Joseph Swain, pastor of East Street Baptist church, Walworth (grand-father)
   apprenticed to the wood-engraver Nathaniel Whittock (1791-1860), was transferred in 1837 to Thomas Williams, brother of Samuel Williams (1788–1853)
   United Kingdom
   The Field (London 1853ff.) ;
   William Harcourt Hooper (1834-1912) ;
   natural and animal xylography
   Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 # 4636 ;
   Known from his engravings in Punch magazine.

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