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   James Hall
   J. H. N. ;
   Anne Hartop (18xx-18xx) from Woodburn, Yorkshire, in 1840
   1808 at 47 York Place, Edinburgh, Scotland
   Edinburgh, Scotland
   landscape painter ->Alexander Nasmyth (1758-1840)
   trained in drawing, painting and fine arts by his father
   Scotland, UK
   J.H.N. & James Carpenter (1840-1899): The Moon: Considered as a Planet, a World & a Satellite (London 1874, with photographs of J. N.'s plaster models of lunar surface & craters; German translation: Der Mond betrachtet als Planet, Welt & Trabant) ;
   since 1829 employed by engineer Henry Maudslay in London ; since 1831 owner of his own factory on Dale Street, Manchester;
   photographer -> Joseph Sidebotham (1824-1882) ; engraver -> E. Salle ; chromolithographer ->Edwin M. Williams ; astronomer James Carpenter (1840-1899):
   technical, & astronomical pencil & pen-and-ink drawing; architectural, topographic & geographic watercolour; 3D plaster model making of lunar craters
   Inst.of Mechanical Engineers;J.N.’s Autobiography (1883), co-written by Samuel Smiles, online:
   Frances Robertson: Science & Fiction, J. N.'s photographic images of the moon, Victorian Studies 48(2006): 595-623 ; C. Armstrong: Der Mond als Photographie, in H.Wolf (ed.): Diskurse der Fotografie (Frankfurt am Main 2003: 359-83) ; Omar Nasim: J. N.'s hands, eyes & mind in photography, in Nuncius 2016 ; Omar W. Nasim: James Nasmyth on the Moon, Or on Becoming a Lunar Being Without the Lunacy, in: Pérez González, Carmen (ed.): Selene’s Two Faces. From 17th Century Drawings to Spacecraft Imaging (Leiden 2018) ; Kemp 2006: 267-271
   Scottish engineer and inventor of the steam hammer, technical draughtsman, amateuer astronomer, photographer & astronomical model-maker. Many details of this entry (esp. on J.N.'s collaborators) were provided by Omar Nasim in 2016.

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