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   W. B. ;
   1908, not 1900 as sometimes claimed, in Cologne
   New York City
   trained as typographer in Germany, emigrated to the USA in 1938
   Visuele aspekten van de wetenschap, exhib. (Amsterdam 1962) ; Visual Aspects of Science (New York: Union Carbide Corp., 1975) ; Atomic Energy in Action (New York: United Carbide Corp., c. 1970) ;
   Upjohn Company, New York ; illustrator of Fortune Magazine ; educator at Pratt Institute &Parsons School of Design.
   photographer Ezra Stoller ;
   medical illustr. & 3D models of cells, the brain, chromosomes etc.; The Cleveland Health Museum and Education Center exhibits: The Cell, Defense of Life, Brain & Chromosomes
   Stanley Mason in Herdeg 1973: 96-101 ; R. Roger Remington & Robert S. P. Fripp: Design & science-The life and work of Will Burtin (Burlington, Vt 2007) ;
   American draftsman, commercial artist, and author of German birth; cf. &

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