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   H. C. ;
   1874 in Brompton, Kensington, London
   London, England
   animal painter and illustrator of the 2Illustrated London News", Samuel Carter
   Martha Joyce (Sands) Carter (mother) ;
   since 1891 for Egypt Exploration Fund (later: Egypt Exploration Society) ;
   archaeologist Percy E. Newberry & Lady Amerst ; director of the Service des Antiquités d'Egypte, Gaston Maspero
   archaeologist G. Carnarvon, see H. Carter: Five years' explorations at Thebes 1907-11 (London 1912) ;
   archaeological drawing ; hand-colouring
   Winstone: H. C. & the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun (Manchester 2006) ;
   H. C. became famous as archaeologist and discoverer of the grave of Tutanchamun, was also active in England.

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