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   Duseo / Tu-sŏ
   Y. D. ; Yun Duseo / Yun Tu-sŏ / 윤두서 (尹斗緖) / penname Gongjae ;
   his first wife was the grand-daughter of the scholar Yi Su-gwang (1523-1628)
   1668 in Yeondon village of Haenam County, Korea
   elite upper-class-family
   paternal great-grandfather Yun Seondo (1587-1661); older brother Yun Jongseo; grandson Yun Yong (1708-1740)
   governmen examination at the age of 26; private studies of astronomy, geography, medicine & technology
   South Korea
   Map of Korea during the Joseon dynasty (1392-1910), ink and colour on paper, 117x74 cm ; Dussinon (a medical treatise on smallpox) ;
   ethnological, technical, medical, and zoological ink drawing & painting ; portraits of working people, landscapes, genre-painting, and still-lives ;
   his map of Korea is kept in the Yun Yeongson collection, Haenam, South Korea
   Kongjae Yun-Tu-sŏ wa kŭ ilga hwachʻŏp (1984) ; Haenam Yun Ssi kajŏn ... (1995) ; Tongguk yŏjido chido ; Chung Saehyan: Art, class and gender in Joseon dynasty Korea. Representations of lower-class women by the scholar-painter Yun Duseo, in: Historia Scientiarum 21,1 (2011): 1, 20-42 & 44 ;
   Y. D. is also know for "yeongmohwa" (animal-and-bird painting).

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