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   A. P. ; Andrea Pozzo S. J. ;
   1642 in Trento, then under Austrian rule now Italy
   Vienna, Austria
   studies humanities at the local Jesuit High School; becomes priest in the Jesuit order; trained in painting by Palma il Giovane & Andrea Sacchi
   Perspectiva pictorum et architectorum (1693 & 1700, translation into Italian as Prospettiva de pittori e architetti; into English as Rules and examples of perspective proper for painters and architects; into French as Perspective propre des peintres et des architectes; into German as Der Mahler und Baumeister Perspectiv, Worinn die allerleichteste Manier, wie man, was zur Bau-Kunst gehörig, ins Perspectiv brungen solle, berichtet wird; into Spanish as Livro de Perspectiva e de Arquitectura) ; Collège de Sienne: Plan du premier étage, état de situation des travaux en 1700 ; Iconografía Hispana ;
   architectural and perspectival drawing and copper engraving
   Roslyn Lee Hammers: Perspectives in early Quin-Dynasty pictures of Tilling and Weaving and Pictures of Cotton, in: Historia Scientiarum 21, 1 (2011): 3-19, esp. p. 4 ; Christophorus Tausch uczeń Andrei Pozza / Henryk Dziurla (Wrocław 1991) ; Neue Überlegungen zum barocken Illusionismus ;
   Italian painter, art writer, architect, decorator, and stage designer.

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