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   G. C. ; Chinese name Lang Shining 郎世寧 / simplified Chinese: 郎世宁 / traditional Chinese: 郎世寧; pinyin: Lángshìníng ;
   1688 in Milan's San Marcellino district
   Beijing, China
    educated at home with a private tutor; since 1707 trained in the Jesuit order
   The victories at war of the Chinese emperor Ch'ien Lung, between 1736 and 1795 ; Bai jun tu ; 郎世寧全集 = Complete works of Giuseppe Castiglione ;
   Jesuit order ; artist at the imperial court of three emperors - the Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong emperors ;
   botanical, zoological, historical, and topographical drawing and painting ; hand-colouring, in a style mixing Eastern & Western influences
   Eminent Chinese of the Chʻing period (1644-1912) (1943) ;‏ ‎Grove Art Online, Dec. 1, 2003‏50 ; 50 anni alla corte cinese: Giuseppe Castiglione, pittore dell'Imperatore della Cina dal 1715 al 1765 (Rimini 1990) ; Cecile Beurdeley & Michel Beurdeley: Castiglione, peintre jesuite a la cour de Chine / Giuseppe Castiglione. A Jesuit painter at the court of the Chinese emperors ; Roslyn Lee Hammers: Perspectives in early Quin-Dynasty pictures of Tilling and Weaving and Pictures of Cotton, in: Historia Scientiarum 21, 1 (2011): 3-19, esp. p. 4 ; 新視界 : 郎世寧與清宮西洋風 = New visions at the Ch'ing court: Giuseppe Castiglione and Western-style trends ;
   Italian painter, architect, and since 1715 missionary in China; cf. also Further Place of Activity: Italy.

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