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   Cl. S. ;
   Florence, Italy
   at the Royal Gallery in Florence, specializing in sculpture; since 1773 apprentice in the wax modelling workshop of Florence's Museo dell Specola
   more than 2000 wax models for Florence's Museo dell Specola; Felice Fontana; Gabinetto d'anatomia umana e comparata eseguita in cera ‎
   Grand Duke of Florence, Peter Leopold; Austrian Emperor Joseph II
   assistant of Giuseppe Ferrini; anatomist Paolo Mascagni; dissector Antonio Matteucci; painter Claudio Valvari; followed by ->F.Calenzuoli
   anatomical wax models
   Choulant 1858:152; L. Cattaneo: Le Cere anatomiche di Clemente Susini dell'Università di Cagliari (Cagliari 1970); E. Crook: Susini's techniques, in: A. Amendola & U. Pastorino (eds.) Le cere vive di Clemente Susini, (Forli 2014); Alessandro Riva et al.: Evolution of anatomical illustration & wax modelling in Italy from the 16th to early 19th c., Journal of Anatomy 216,2 (2010), 209-222; Le cere anatomiche di Clemente Susini dell'Univ.di Cagliari, 1993; contributions by A. Riva & F. Loy and by Maria Carla Garbarino et al. and by Francesca Monza et al. in Ceroplastics 2019, pp. 175ff. & 226f. & 276ff.
   cf. also

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