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   J. E. ;
   daughter of the British ambassador in Paris, Mary Browne (1xxx-1xxx) in 1647
   daughter Mary Evelyn (1665-1685)
   1620 in Wotton, Surrey
   Wotton, Surrey
   producer of gunpowder N. N. (1xxx-1xxx)
   studies in Balliol College in Oxford and in Middle Temple
   England, UK
   draughts of the frontispiece of Thomas Sprat: The History of the Royal Society (London 1667) ; Sir Christopher Wren: London revived; consideration for its rebuilding in 1666 ; Account of architects and architecture ; An account of the manufacture of paper ; Sylva, or A Discourse of forest-trees, and the propagation of timber in his Majesties dominions (London 1664) ;
   In 1660, Evelyn joined a small group of natural philosophers to found the Royal Society of London ; King Charles II ; Sir Christopher Wren ;
   engraver -> Wenceslaus Hollar for the frontispiece of Sprat 1667 ;
   architectural, natural, and technical drawing
   Catalogue of a large and valuable collection of books containing the curious libraries of the Hon. John Evelyn ... which will begin to be sold ... by James Robson, bookseller ; Diary of John Evelyn, first publ. by William Bray (1736-1832) in 1818; Michael Hunter: The Image of Restoration Science: The Frontispiece to Thomas Sprat’s History of the Royal Society 1667, Routledge 2017 ; Mark S. R. Jenner: Print Culture & the Rebuilding of London after the Fire. The Presumptuous Proposals of Valentine Knight, in: Journal of British Studies 56,1 (2017): 1-26 ;

   J. E. was an English Royalist, writer, diarist, gardenist, and collector; from 1652 to 1694 he and his wife lived in Deptford in Southeast London.

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