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   di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni
   M. d. L. B. S. ;
   1475 in Caprese near Arezzo
   Rome, Papal States
   banker Ludovico di Leonardo Buonarroti Simoni ; N. N. (14xx-1481) (mother) ;
   St. Peter's Basilica, Rome (between 1558 and 1561), church San Lorenzo (c. 1518) for which he made an architectural models ;
   architect Antonio da Sangallo the Younger / Antonio da San Gallo (1484-1546) ;
   wooden architectural models,_modello_per_la_facciata_di_san_lorenzo,_1518_ca._01.JPG
   Bernd Mahr & Reinhard Wendler: Modelle als Akteure. Fallstudien. (KIT-Report 156) (Berlin 2009): 9f. ;
   Rather known as a sculptor, painter, architect and poet.

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