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   Fritzsch / Fritsch
   Johann Christian Gottfried
   J. C. G. F. ; Johann Christian Gottfried Fritsch / Fritzsch
   1720 c. in Hamburg
   1802 / 1803?
   Leipzig, Saxony, today Germany
   copperplate engraver ->Christian Friedrich Fritzsch (1695-1769)
   brother ->Christian Friedrich Fritzsch (1719-72) engraver
   taught by his father
   Albrecht von Haller: Icones Anatomicae 1742-56; Enumeratio stirpium Helvetiae; D. Johann Jacob Woyts: Artzney-Kunst 1751; apoth. John Hill (1714-1775) & Jan
Swammerdam: Bible of Nature (1758) ; Jan Swammerdam: The Book of Nature; or, the History of Insects: Reduced to Distinct Classes, Confirmed by Particular Instances, Displayed in the Anatomical Analysis of Many Species including the generation of the frog, the history of the ephemerus, engl. transl. London 1758 (w. 53 engraved plates of insects after drawings by J.C.G. Fritzsch); Bibel der Natur, worinnen die Insecten in gewisse Classen vertheilt Nebst Hermann Boerhave Vorrede von dem Leben des Verfassers (Leipzig 1752)
   artist-anat. ->C.J. Rollin; engravers-> Joel Paul Kaltenhofer & -> Martin Bernigeroth ; ; brother ->Christian Friedrich Fritzsch ; naturalist Jan Swammerdam
   anatomical & zoological, esp. entomological copperplate engraving
   wiki, AKL 45 2005:335; ThB12 1916:502f. Choulant 1920: 289-90; Dance 1989: 184 & 186
   active in Hamburg from 1751 until 1757 active in Leipzig and Amsterdam; cf. also BNBF: Recueil. Oeuvre de Johann-Christian-Gottfried Fritzsch;

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