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   Paul Carpenter
   P. C. S. ;
   1884 in Avalon, Missouri, USA
   Tegucigalpa, Honduras
   Drury College in Springfield, Missouri, New Mexico State College (BA 1907, MA 1908)
   United States of America, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica & Honduras
   P. C. S.: The Allioniaceae of the United States, with notes on Mexican species, in: Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 12(8): 1909: plates 29 & 33 ; Trees and Shrubs of Mexico ; Flora of Guatemala ; Flora of Costa Rica.
   assistant at New Mexico State College 1908–1909; Curator of Div. of Plants at US National Museum 1909-22; Field Museum of Natural History until 1950
   botanical ink drawing ;
   Louis O. Williams: Paul Carpenter Standley, Taxon 12,7 (Aug.-Sept. 1963)
   see also his field botanical notebooks at and

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