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   T. W. ; Thomas Warledge / Worlegde ;
   1. Arabella née Grimaldi (1709-49 before); 2. Mary; 3. Elizabeth née Wicksteed
   32 son: Thomas
   1700 in Peterborough, UK
   Hammersmith, London, UK
   brother-in-law Alexander Grimaldi; father-in-law painter A.M.Grimaldi; brother-in-law of seal engraver Wicksteed; daughter-in-law Phoebe Grimaldi
   pupil of painter Alessandro Maria Grimaldi (1659-1732) and Louis Peter Boitard
   United Kingdom
   obstetrician William Hunter: Anatomia uteri 1774, pl. 33.
   ->Jan van Rymsdyk; William Grimaldi; ->George Powle; wife Elizabeth née Wicksteed;
   copperplate engraving, painting, etching, watercolour
   AKL; ThB 36 1947, 254; Choulant 1920: 296;,_Thomas_%28DNB00%29
   worked in London until retirement; mainly active in Bath;

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