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   D. T. ; David Teniers the Younger / jr / der Jüngere / de jongere / jaunesnysis ;
   1610 in Antwerpen
   painter David Teniers the Elder (1582-1649)
   painter Abraham Teniers (1629-1670) (brother) ; Jan Baptist Borrekens (= Jan Baptist Borkens) (1611-1675) (brother-in-law) ;
   D. T.: Theatrum Pictorium (1660) ;
   Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria ; D. T. was co-founder of the Antwerp Academy of Arts ;
   (al)chemical and medical painting ; known for history & genre painting and still life ; ;
   AKL ; Joseph Eduard Wessels: D. T., ADB 37 (1894): 563-5 ; Margret Klinge (Kat.): Adriaen Brouwer, David Teniers the younger. Ausstellungskatalog (London, New York & Maastricht: Noortman & Brod, 1982) ; Hans Vlieghe: D. T. the Younger (1610–1690). A Biography (Turnhout 2011) ; M. Guerriaud: La gravure Mystérieuse, Revue d’histoire de la pharmacie, 59, no. 371 (2011): 394-415 ; The masterpieces of Teniers the junger (1610-1690). Sixty reproductions of photographs from the original paintings by F. Hanfstaengl, affording examples of the different characteristics of the artist's work ; Verzeichnis sämtlicher Werke von David Teniers d. J. im Besitz der Staatlichen Museen Kassel, Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister ; Alltag und Vergnügen in Flandern. Sonderausstellung des Landes Baden-Württemberg [Catalogue of an exhibition in Karlsruhe 2006] ;
   D.T. was a Flemish painter, draughtsman, and curator; one of his favorite motifs were alchemists working in their laboratories; cf., e.g., or physicians, cf., e.g., .

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