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   James Augustus
   J. A. G. ; capt. J. A. Grant, not to be mixed up with British officer John Andrew Grant (fl. 1893) ;
   1827 in Nairn, Scotland
   Nairn, Scotland
   trained as British military officer where he was captain around 1860 and lieut-captain around 1872
   Scotland, UK
   J.A. Grant & D. Oliver: The botany of the Speke & Grant expedition .... from Zanzibar to Egypt, Transactions of the Linnean Society of London 29 (1872): 1-69 w. 37 figs. & 1 map; A walk across Africa - J. A. Grant's account of the Nile expedition of 1860-1863, transl into Italian as: Alla ricerca delle sorgenti del Nilo : viaggi celebri di Burton, Speke, Grant e Baker, w. 144 figs. & into Spanish as Las Fuentes del Nilo: viaje de los capitanes Speke y Grant, de Zanzibar á Alejandría; Nouvelle carte général de l'Egypte donnant les sources du Nil découvertes par Speke et Grant : dressé d'après les documents officiels accompagnée d'un plan topographique du Canal de l'Isthme de Suez et d'un planisphère indiquant les distances par maer entre les divers du monde, 1879
   Royal Geographical Society in London ;
   J. A. G. was assistant of ->John Hanning Speke (1827-1864) from 1860 to 1863 during their travel through Zanzibar, Tansania, and Uganda along the Nile up to Kairo ;
   anthropological, ethnological, and topographical photography ; cartographical drawing and map-making ;
   Cameron 1981: 79, 82-86 & 89 ‎; edited by Ib Friis and Henrik Balslev: Tropical Plant Collections: Legacies from the Past? Essential Tools for the Future?, in: Proceedings of an international symposium held by The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters in Copenhagen, Scientia Danica, Ser. B Biologica, 6(2017), esp. pp. 97ff., available from: ;
   J. A. G. was a British officer, stationed in Zanzibar around 1860, (where he took some of the earliest photographs of this region) and in Punjab (nowadays Pakistan) around 1893; cf. The route of the travels of J. H. Speke and J. A. Grant from Zanzibar through Tansania and Uganda in 1860-1863. Further Places of Activity: Zanzibar, Tansania, Uganda, and Egypt.

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