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   Albert Hastings
   A. H. M. ; later Rear-Admiral Sir Albert Hastings Markham ;
   Theodora Gervers (18xx-1xxx) in 1894
   1 daughter N. N. (18xx-1xxx)
   1841 in Bagnères-de-Bigorre, France
   London, England
   Captain John Markham (1xxx-18xx), who had retired from the navy because of ill health with the rank of lieutenant
   Archbishop of York, William Markham (1xxx-1xxx) (great-grandfather) ;
    educated at home and at Eastman's Royal Naval Academy
   Great Britain
   A. H. M.: Great frozen sea; A Polar reconnaissance, being the voyage of the "Isbjörn to Novaya Zemlya in 1879 ; A whaling cruise to Baffin's bay and the gulf of Boothia. And an account of the rescue of the crew of the "Polaris" ; From the Equator to the Pole. Adventures of recent discovery (with 45 ill.) ; Mer glacée du pôle. Souvenirs d'un voyage sur l'Alerte (1875-6) ; The Arctic campaign of 1879 in the Barents Sea ; The cruise of the Rosario amongst the New Hebrides and Santa Cruz Islands, exposing the recent atrocities connected with the kidnapping of natives in the South Seas ;
   Royal Geographical Society in London ;
   topographical, zoological, and ethnographical drawing, watercolour, and painting and further links there ; British Library, Norfolk Museums
   DNB ; Encyclopædia Britannica (12th ed.) 31 (London & New York, 1922: 850) ; R. N. Rudmose Brown, rev. by Roger T. Stearn in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography ; Cameron 1981: 114f. ; F. E. & M. A. Markham: The Life of Sir Albert Hastings Markham (Cambridge 1927) ;
   A.H.M. was a British-French explorer, author, and officer in the Royal Navy. His journals were bought by the British Libary and are now available in London under call no. Add MS 89230, covering the years 1871-1902, during which Markham undertook polar reconnaissance in the Arctic and the Kara Sea, surveyed the conditions in the Hudson Bay for the Canadian Government, participated in the British Arctic Expedition (1875-1876), and served in the Navy in the Torpedo School, Pacific Station, and Mediterranean. Further Places of Activity: France, Greenland, and the Arctic region.

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