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   Walter Bentley
   W.B.W.; W.B. Woodbury ; on his gravestone: Woodberry
   New Guinea, Australia & Dutch East Indies
   James Page & Walter Bentley Woodbury: Indigenous people of Papua New Guinea 1865-1870
   w. ethnological photographer -> James Page
   ethnological photography & inventor of photomechanical printing techniques ;
   Theye 1989: 29, 331-334, 341, 406; Scott Merrillees: Batavia in nineteenth century photographs (London 2000)
   W.B.W. was a pioneer of ethnological photography in Eastern Indies; he took over 30 patents and became famous with the "Woodburytype Process" of photographic engraving, 1864; cf. also U.S. Patent 77,230 on April 28, 1868 for a "Mode of Producing Designs on Paper". Together with -> James Page he opened a photographic studio in Batavia around 1858

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