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   Hilda Mary Isabel °
   H.P.; Hilda Petrie, born Urlin
   in 1897 w. William Matthew Flinders Petrie (1853-1942)
   2: mathematician John Petrie (1907–1972) and Ann (1909–1989)
   1871 in Dublin
   London, University College Hospital
   (Richard) Denny Urlin
   mother Mary Elizabeth (née Addis) Urlin
   she studied geology at King's College for Women, was hired by Flinders Petrie at age 25 as artist, which led to their marriage & lifelong partnership
   Egypt, Palestine, England
   Flinders Petrie; H.P.: Egyptian Hieroglyphs of the first and second dynasties, drawn by Hilda Petrie (London 1927); Seven Memphite tomb chapels, Inscriptions by Margaret A[lice] Murray. Drawings by -> F. Hansard, -> Florence Kingsford, & -> Lina Eckenstein. Drawings & plans by H. F. Petrie (London 1952); Side Notes on the Bible: From Flinders Petrie's Discoveries (London 1933); Riqqeh and Memphis VI'; Saqqara mastabas, pt. 2, 1937;
Seven Memphite tomb chapels, 1952: Tombs of the courtiers and Oxyrhynkhos
   British School of Egyptian Archaeology
   w. her husband Flinders Petrie; draughtsmen F. Hansard, F. Kingsford, and draughtswomen -> Lina Dorina Johanna Eckenstein (1857–1931)
   archaeological drawing; cartographic map-making &
   Morris L. Bierbrier: Who was Who in Egyptology. 3red ed. (London 1995): 329 (with a list of obituaries); Margaret S. Drower: Flinders Petrie: a life in archaeology. Victor Gollancz, London 1984, S. 231–248; Margaret S. Drower: Hilda Mary Isabel Petrie. In: Breaking Grounds. Women in Old World Archaeology (with a list of her publications); Margaret S. Drower: Letters from the Desert – the Correspondence of Flinders and Hilda Petrie (London 2004); Andrea Rottloff: Die Berühmten Archäologen (Mainz 2009): 77–82
   The Petries lived in Hampstead, where an English Heritage blue plaque now stands at 5 Cannon Place. Hilda Petrie often accompanied her husband to Egypt and later to Palestine for archeological expeditions

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