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   Miriam Augusta °
   M. A. P.
   1878 in Pennsylvania
   Fort Collins, Colorado
   studies at University of Kansas B.A. 1903, M. A. 1904. Colorado State Agricultural College M.Sc. 1925
   United States of America
   Clarence Preston Gillette: New species of Colorado aphididae, Canadian Entomologist 40 (1908): 20 & pl. I (; The Aphidae of Colorado (1931); Maurice T. James: The genus, Pan-Pacific Entomologist 19 (1943):148-153 ( ; M.A.P.: Aphids of the Rocky Mountain region : including primarily Colorado and Utah, but also a bordering area composed of southern Wyoming, southeastern Idaho and northern New Mexico (Dener 1952), Annals of the Entomological Society of America 7 (1914): pl. XXXII (
   The Agricultural Experiment Station, Fort Collins Colorado, Colorado State Agricultural College
   Assistant Professor of Entomology and Insect Delineator of the Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station since 1928 ;
   entomological line drawing (esp. of aphids), horticultural wax sculpture (of apples) ; ; .../3088570 , .../2561068 , .../2561069
   Colorado State University
   obituary in: Bulletin of the Entomological Society of America 23, 2(1977): i, 23,4 (1977); on MP's collection of wax models of apples; Marilyn Bailey Ogilvie & Joy Dorothy Harvey: Biographical Dictionary of Women in Science: Pioneering Lives from Ancient Times to the mid-20th century: 976 ( ); Herbert Osborn: Fragments of entomological history, including some personal recollections of men and event (vol. 1, Columbus, Ohio, 1937): 86, 232, 300, 328 ( );
   see also Wikidata ; most of the information in this entry came from Siobhan Leachman (Brooklyn, Wellington, New Zealand)

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