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   David Octavius
   D. O. H. ;
   1. Ann Macdonald (+1841) in 1837. 2. Amelia Paton/Mrs. Robertson (1820-1904) sculptress in 1862
   1 daughter
   1802 in Perth, Perthshire
   Edinburgh, Lothian
   bookseller and publisher
   publisher-brother Alexander Hill; brothers-in-law: Sir Joseph Noel Paton & Waller Hugh Paton
   Perth Academy, 1818-21 Edinburgh School of Design, painter Andrew Wilson
   Scotland, UK
   Dr. James Inglis (1813-51)
   founding member of Scottish Society of Artists; Scottish Academy
   photographers: -> Robert Adamson: Hill & Adamson studio; Thomas Annan; FC Annan, James Craig Annan; Sir David Brewster
   landscape painting, lithography, calotype, collodion process, clinical photography
   Scottish National Portrait Gallery
   AKL73 2012:198; ThB17 1924:86f. K. McFall: Not. Anniv. Med. Illus., Journ. Audiovisual Media Med. (1997) 20,1: 5-10; Wilson: Photography Goitre, Inglis, Brit. Med. Journ 1973; Christopher Date & Anthony Hamberg: The origins of photography at the British Museum. 1839-1860, in: History of Photography 14 (1990): 309-325, esp. p. 314;
   with Adamson: medical portrait photography

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