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   Joseph Janvier
   J. J. W. ;
   1833 in Philadelphia, USA
   Philadelphia, USA
   Central High School, Philadelphia A.B.1850,A.M.1855; medical school,Univ.Pennssylvania (M.D. 1853); served in U.S.Civil War as Army Assistant Surgeon
   United States of America
   Army Medical Museum (Ford Theatre building) ; J. J. W. published 115 reports, papers,and books on medical & microscopic matters, also several publications on war-related diseases ;
   member of Nat.Acad.Sciences, Washington 1873; pres.Am.Medical Ass.; Nat. Museum of Health & Medicine, Armed Forces Inst.of Pathology, Washington D.C.
   woodburytype printer A. P. R. Ptg. Co., Philadelphia ; physicist Lewis M. Rutherfurd ; also examined microscopic test-plates by F. A. Nobert (1806-1881) ;
   medical photography ;
   L. D. Heaton & J. M. Lt Col Blumberg: J. J. W. U.S. Army pathologist—researcher—photomicroscopist, in: Military Medicine 131, 1966: 530-8 ; G. L. E. Turner: Dr. J. J. W. microscopist, in: Proc. R. Microscopic Soc. 1,1 (1966): 32-9 ; Microscopic communication, in: Journal of Microscopy 100 (1974): 11f. ; Jardim & Peres 2014: 30 ; G. L. E. Turner: Essays on the History of the Microscope (London) ;
   W.'s collection of glass slides is archived at Nat. Museum of Health & Medicine, Armed Forces Inst.of Pathology in Washington, D.C. Pioneer in photo-microscopy, printed as albumen prints.

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