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   Robert Friedrich
   R.F.F. ;
   Wilhelmine Ammermüller from Tübingen
   nine; one of the five who lived to adult age was the anatomist August von Froriep (1849-1917)
   1804 in Jena
   Ludwig Friedrich Froriep (1779-1847), director of Weimar Landes-Industrie-Comptoir, publ.of illustr. scientific & medical works, succ. by R.F. in 1846
   studies medicine at Univ. Bonn (diss. 1828), later teaching anatomic drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts
   Thomas Bateman (1778-1821): Abbildungen der Hautkrankheiten ; A. P. Cooper; G. Dupuytren; J. L.Sanson; L. J. Bégin; Atlas anatomicus, partium corporis humani per strata dispositarum imagines (Weimar 1851ff.); Aspects of the Tongue (1828, reprinted 1982); together w. his father Ludwig Friedrich Froriep: Chirurgische Kupfertafeln, Weimar 1820ff. w. dozens of redrawn plates from various medical authorities & illstr. volumes worldwide, incl. Saamuel Cooper, William Hunter, Martinus Stuart and many others
   pathological museum at the Charité hospital (1833-46 prosector & conservator); Friedrich-Wilhelms-Univ. Berlin; Univ. Jena
   Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902), R.F.F.'s successor at the Charité hospital;
   anatomical drawing and painting ; hand-colouring ; ; Samml. d. kgl. Charité Heilanstalt zu Berlin;
   A. Mudry: R.F.F., in: Otol. Neurotol. 28, 8 (2007): 1145-52 ; with titles of his own illustrated books; Theatrum 2000 I: 202;
   Privatdocent in Jena 1831; Privatdocent in Berlin 1831ff., prof. extraord. of surgical anatomy.

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