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   J. A. ;
   1790 in Winston, County Durham, England
   cartographical engraver->Aaron Arrowsmith (1750-1823) (uncle) ; cartographical engraver Aaron Jr. (1xxx-1xxx) (cousin) ; ->Samuel (1xxx-1xxx) (cousin
   United Kingdom
   explorer and engineer Louis Maurice Adolphe Linant de Bellefonds ; surgeon Rupert Kirk ; John Petherick ; The London Atlas of Universal Geography, Exhibiting the Physical & Political Divisions of the Various Countries of the World (London 1834) ;
   Royal Geographical Society, London ; gold medal of the Royal Geographical Society, 1863;
   map engraver ->Aaron Arrowsmith Jr. & Sr. ; ->Samuel Arrowsmith ;
   cartographical and geographical copperplate engraving and drawing ;
   see for a listing of his maps ; ;
   C. J. Schüler: Geschichte Kartographie 2010: 278 ; Tooley's Dictionary Mapmakers rev. ed. ;
   Member of the Arrowsmith family of geographers, active in London.

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