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   Dominicus / Domenicus
   D. C. ; D. Coster / Custodis ;
   as the second husband of the widow of Bartholomäus Kilian (1548-1588), a goldsmith from Silesia
   3 sons: engraver ->Jacob Custos (1xxx-1xxx) ; engraver ->Raphael Custos (1xxx-1xxx) ; engraver David Custodis (1xxx-1xxx)
   1560 in Antwerpen, then Flemish, now Belgium
   Augsburg, Franconia, now Germany
   botanist Basilius Besler (1561-1629): Hortus Eystettensis (1613) ; Giovanni Battista Fontana: Armamentarium Heroicum ;
   Emperor Rudolph II in Prague ; archduke Ferdinand of Tyrol & his secretary, Jacob Schrenck von Notzing
   Jacob Schrenck von Notzing ; Marcus Henning ; with his 3 engraver sons ;
   botanical and zoological drawing, engraving, and painting, mostly known for his portraits
   Nissen: Botan.Buchillustration 1966; Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 ; Klaus Walter Littger & Werner Dressendörfer (eds.): Basilius Besler: Der Garten von Eichstätt (Cologne 1999: 14) ; Natur & Kunst. Handschriften & Alben aus der Ambraser Sammlung Erzherzog Ferdinands II, Vienna 1995:45-6 ;
   Born in then Flemish territory, but active in Prague, now Czech Republic, and mostly in Augsburg, Franken, now Germany.

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