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   Robert David
   R. D. F. ; Robert Desmond FitzGerald ;
   Emily Blackwell (18xx-1xxx)
   1830 in Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland
   Sydney, New South Wales
   banker Robert David FitzGerald
   Maray Ann Bell (mother) ; Robert David FitzGerald III (1xxx-1xxx) (grandson)
   civil engineering at Queens College Cork
   R. D. FG: Australian Orchids (1875-82) ;
   Department of Lands
   Charles Robert Darwin (1809-1882) ; lithographer Arthur James Stopps ;
   botanical drawing, watercolor, and pencil sketch ;
   National Library of Australia; Mitchel and Dixson Library Ms Coll. State Library New South Wales
   AKL 40 2004: 536 ; Nissen: Botan. Buchillustration 1966 ; Butler 2000: chapter 3 ;
   Born in Ireland. Sydney in 1856 surveyor, ornithologist, botanist; Draftsman for the crown; botanical expeditions.

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